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I get start windows normally screen all time i boot my xp,help me to solve this.?

i get error message all the time when i boot my xp as ';Sorry for the

incovenience... a recent hardware or software change might

have caused this...'; Within the message, there are options

to start windows in safe mode, use last known good

configuration, start windows normally, etc. I have tried

all the given options, as well as updated my Windows. how can i solve this problem? i dont want to lose my updates by reinstalling windows xp again.( i recently installed intex tv tuner card after that i am getting this error,).it takes long time to boot(2-3 min). everything works perfect after booting. please help me to solve the problem.

thank you.I get start windows normally screen all time i boot my xp,help me to solve this.?
First, disconnect the computer from all cabling, open it up and ensure your TV card is properly seated into its slot. If it looks OK, remove it and re-insert it, there might be bad contact on one or more of the pins. If oyu have another open slot you could also try putting it there.

Boot up to see if it works.You should also try booting up without the card installed to see if it boots up without a problem.

If this does not solve your problem then uninstall the software that came with it and re-install it. Ensure you use an XP version, not a version for previous OS.

If this still does not fix your problem send the card to the manufacturer for warranty repairs. Before the warranty runs out.I get start windows normally screen all time i boot my xp,help me to solve this.?
The device itself or the drivers for your device are crashing Windows. Focus on that device--get updated drivers or get it replaced/removed.
you have the answer already.. try to update the drivers for intex tv tuner if any.

Also do you follow the proper shut down procedure?
first thing is to obviously uninstall the tv tuner thing to see if that helps, also are you shutting your computer down correctly if you just turn it off then you will get that message

Computer locks up at POST screen, can you help?

Well... I just learned a very valuable lesson... Never trust a ';buddy'; when it comes to your computer... A ';buddy'; of mine came over while I was posting a message in another forum, trying to get some help with a problem I'm having upgrading my RAM... In the forum, I was getting assistance with my RAM timings and voltage, because those are things I've never dealt with before... Anyway, my friend read the entire thread and decided that he knew how to handle the situation, and he actually thought it was funny that I did not. Moron... He went in to setup, went into the DIMM control settings and changed ';CLOCK'; from ';BY SPD'; to either 166MHz or 200MHz (he can not remember which) and changed ';TIMING'; from ';MANUAL'; to ';TURBO';. Then he rebooted. When the screen came up that tells you to press DEL to enter setup or ESC to cancel POST, it froze up. I have tried rebooting about 20 times since then and it always freezes at that screen. I have tried changing the RAM, booting with the Startup Disk I made... I even tried removing the CMOS battery and waiting 2 minutes to replace it. I can not get into setup or anything else.

Any ideas?Computer locks up at POST screen, can you help?
remove the cmos batter for longer around an hour also remove the power from the mains supply, then give it a tryComputer locks up at POST screen, can you help?
Did a smoke or something like that happened? Removing CMOS battery would have cleaned it but you said didn't so I suspect permanent damage. Did you do the battery-removal thing when the power is completely unplugged? If not do it that way.

And there is a CMOS CLR pin on the board usually, and usually it is a 3-pin array thing.
power own your pc without the cmos battery it will load with the default configuration

How do I fix a Inaccessible Boot Device error?

I am getting this error when I try to start up my dell Latitude C400 running Windows NT 2000 and I get the blue screen of death that says ***STOP: 0x00000008b (0xFCDAD030 etc, etc) INACCESSIBLE_BOOT_DEVICE.

I've copied Dell's websites explanation, but they offer no way to fix it. How do I fix it!?


Your computer is infected with a boot sector virus.

A device driver required by your boot controller is not configured to start at boot time or is corrupt. If during a WINNT /B installation no mass storage device was detected.

A resource conflict exists between the boot controller and another controller in the system, or between SCSI devices.

Drive translation is not being performed, or was changed.

The boot volume is corrupt and cannot be mounted by Windows NT.

Corrupt information in the Windows NT registry determining which device drivers load at startup.

Etc.How do I fix a Inaccessible Boot Device error?

they have everythingHow do I fix a Inaccessible Boot Device error?
boot it in safe mode, and run the anti virus. If you can't do that then format the hard disk, Sorry
If it really is a virus, you need to boot from a antivirus boot disk and then have it check the hard drive.

Also make sure the cables are connected correctly and not loose, but I don't think you'd get the BSOD.

Try booting from a floppy or CD and check the partitions of the drive. Also go into your BIOS settings and make sure the drive is properly recognized.

Almost sounds like a driver problem. Is the disc encrypted? Did you recently change anything dealing with the system or HD?

Fedora 7 linux questions and annoyances?

I have Windows XP Pro on one partition. I installed fedora 7 in the other partition (now I'm using fedora as I'm typing this) and when booting up the select operating system menu doesn't appear, so I can't boot up windows if needed. What should I do? Also, I can't see the other partition from fedora (I mean the partition where windows is installed). How can I change the screen resolution on fedora other than 800x600. There are only two options 640x480 and 800x600? Is there any way to change it to 104x768?Fedora 7 linux questions and annoyances?
First, hopefully you installed Grub boot manager when you installed Fedora. If so you can add the XP partition to the

Grub menu by editing /boot/grub/grub.conf from your root userid. It will look something like this.

title Windows 2000

rootnoverify (hd0,0) %26lt;%26lt;%26lt;%26lt; careful to use the right partition


chainloader +1


Check out the links below.

Change your screen resolution from


I am assuming you are using KDE and that is how you can do it there. You will need to enter your root password.

If you are not given the correct resolution is it because you have the wrong video card or monitor defined to X windows. So go to the Hardware tab and make sure you have the correct video card and/or monitor defined.Fedora 7 linux questions and annoyances?
There is an xorg.conf file somewhere (can't remember off hand, try googling) I had this issue of resolution too. You need to edit the file and type in the resolution you want.

What type of boot manager does FC use? Something like Grub or LILO?
  • control panel buttons
  • cryptoapi vs capicom
  • Vista Boot Error ';Blue Screen Of Death'; But Recovery Options Have Failed...?

    One day my laptop was working...

    One Day I brought a new vista laptop....

    Then my life changed for the worse...

    Anyway to cut a long story short I have now the ';blue screen of death'; (all blue with constant writing) and now I cant do anything! Cant log on, boot up or even use any of the repair optons!

    Now I downloaded a recovery CD but ';install.wim'; cannot be found


    so I download the torrent but its 3.5GB!!

    What can I do? I have no CD's of that size. Is ';Install.wim'; actually installed in my PC anyway? How can i resolve the issue?Vista Boot Error ';Blue Screen Of Death'; But Recovery Options Have Failed...?
    Could be a problem with device drivers, hardware or software. This problem can be solved by uninstalling new software, updating device drivers and making minor configuration changes . From . You can also run a free registry scan using utilities from

    Vista Boot Error ';Blue Screen Of Death'; But Recovery Options Have Failed...?
    Blue screen treatment, you can refer to

    1 restart

    2 new hardware detection of new services

    3 Trojan virus detected

    4 checks BIOS and hardware compatibility

    5 run ';sfc / scannow'; system to check whether documents have been replaced, and then use the installation disk to restore the system

    6 upgrade SP2 or SP3

    7 motherboard refresh virus infection

    8 BSOD were damaged, need to be replaced

    Try to visit

    Download Perfect Optimizer!

    We hope it can help you

    What are the reason why laptop fujitsu L1010a screen flickers when you turn it on or while in booting process?

    i have these laptop fujitsu L1010a i just have it few months ago my problem is the screen im experiencing these screen flickers while its booting! and what are other reason why screen flickers? and how to get rid of it? thnx! does the OS is related to these because i have change my vista to windows7..,,,hope u can help me! tnx!What are the reason why laptop fujitsu L1010a screen flickers when you turn it on or while in booting process?
    Maybe the Cable of Screen is loose inside the Laptop.

    Why is it when i try and boot from a linux CD on my mac book, i'm left with a blank screen?

    Okay, so i followed a tutorial online that shows you how to Dual Boot OS x snow leo and Ubuntu 8.10 and did everything down to a tee. Instead of using 8.10 i am using 10.4...will that change anything? because when i select to boot from the CD in rEFIt, it just leads me to a black screen with a grey blinker! anyone know what I haven't tried yet?Why is it when i try and boot from a linux CD on my mac book, i'm left with a blank screen?
    which tutorial .... is it for PCs or PowerPCs ? do have PC or PowerPC ?

    PowerPC = Mac